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A dark blue 2022 Chevy Suburban is shown driving on a street after visiting a Selmer SUV dealer.

Take one look at the roads, and you’re bound to notice a trend—lots and lots of SUVs in all sizes, makes, and models. GM SUVs, namely Chevy and GMC, account for a large number of those SUVs on the road today. For those on the hunt for a Selmer SUV dealer or one in the surrounding area, make sure your first stop is Crossroads Chevrolet GMC, located conveniently in West Corinth, MS. Come take a look at our impressive selection of vehicles from GM brands, and you’ll be blown away by the choices, be it a beefy GMC Yukon or the ever popular Chevy Blazer. It will become clear that there’s an SUV to fit into everyone’s lifestyle.

These versatile vehicles are some of the most sought-after today. After all, who doesn’t want a vehicle with the power of a truck, the ease of a sedan, the room of a wagon, and everything else that goes with it? People have always wanted more out of their vehicles, and with an SUV, they get just that. It feels like SUVs have always been around, so it’s easy to forget that they have only become more popular in the last few decades, with SUVs outselling sedans for the first time in 2015. Numbers show that SUVs began gaining traction in the mid to late 1990s, with demand steadily increasing since then.

By this point, it certainly looks like the SUV’s popularity isn’t dying down anytime soon. Look at any big-name automaker and see their newest hybrid or electric-vehicle crossovers and SUVs, and you know the future is SUVs. Being so popular, you have to wonder when did SUVs start to creep into the car market? To truly appreciate where the SUV is going, we’ve taken a look at a few of the earlier examples of sports utility vehicles to see how such a model could have evolved into the popular design it is today.

The Suburban

While many argue Jeep created the first SUV with its Willys-Overland model in the late 1940s, some say it’s technically Chevy that’s responsible for creating the world’s first SUV. It’s reported that as early as the 1930s, Chevy began designing a wagon body to fit onto a commercial frame, which led to the classic creation and one of Chevy’s best-selling SUVs today, the Chevy Suburban.

The Chevy Suburban was the go-to vehicle for businesses needing extra power. An SUV with the power of a truck and the driveability of a sedan meant they were easy to maneuver and use, so businesses and private citizens didn’t always have to rent a truck when they had a heavy job to get done. The Suburban worked well as an everyday ride that suited a multitude of purposes.

When WWII hit, Suburbans and trucks were deployed as military vehicles capable of tackling various drive conditions and terrains. After the war, the Suburban remained popular as a commercial vehicle for consumers looking for a versatile vehicle but didn’t need a truck. By the 1950s, a new V8 engine and body redesign led to a spike in popularity among consumers for business and recreational uses.

Several redesigns through the 1960s and 1970s focused on the interior, making the Suburban more comfortable and user-friendly for families while adding to the convenience of the vehicle. Additions like four doors and a wider wheelbase made the Suburban great for everyday errands, outdoor activities like camping, or work-related jobs.

Chevy hasn’t slowed down since, with the 10th generation of Suburbans being introduced in 2000 and the newest 11th generation being introduced with all the latest safety and tech features consumers could ever want. It’s clear that Chevy knew a good thing when they saw it. While some lesser-known SUVs have long faded from the car buyer’s memories, it’s clear the Chevy Suburban will go down in car history as one of the first and best SUVs ever created.

A red 2021 Chevy Trailblazer RS is shown driving through a blurred tunnel.

The Trailblazer

Since the Suburban, GM has continued to go its own way, and the Trailblazer is the perfect example of this, which entered the automotive market in 1999. The compact SUV fits in, uptown and downtown, making it a versatile powerhouse that fits a number of lifestyles.

The SUV was a Top Safety Pick+ for 2022 by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety and offers drivers some of the best safety features, cargo space, and tech out there, all wrapped up in a compact, easy-to-handle package. With best-in-class rear-seat leg room, the Trailblazer offers plenty of space for drivers and passengers. The flexible 40/60 split seating means drivers can easily fold down the second-row seats to maximize the cargo space to 54.4 cu.ft. For even more options, drivers can take advantage of the second-level load floor.

Drivers that want to get away for the weekend can opt for the Trailblazer ACTIV, which features an ECOTEC 1.3L Turbo engine and sport terrain tires, which makes it easy to go from work to play and back again. But if style and speed are more of your thing, check out the sleek Trailblazer RS trim package that also offers drivers the 1.3L Turbo engine and 18-inch high-gloss black machined-aluminum wheels.

The Blazer

Around since the late 1960s, the Chevy Blazer has become an icon when it comes to midsize SUVs. The multifunction Blazer gives drivers the power they need with the versatility they want, making the Blazer a go-to SUV for both town and country.

The 2022 Blazer stands out in the best way possible. With a sporty, compact exterior and responsive handling, drivers can feel confident behind the wheel. The thoughtful design is eye-catching, while the interior cabin gives drivers and passengers the room to move around, along with all the modern-day conveniences they crave. The interior was designed not only to be comfortable but to make use of every nook and cranny, delivering impressive storage and cargo options for drivers.

If you’re in the city or heading out of town, the Blazer offers a range of features to make the SUV as flexible as you need it to be. Choose from a 2.0L Turbo or a 3.6L V6 engine to give your midsize Blazer power when you need it. And with the simple turn of the dial, drivers can quickly adjust their drive mode from Tour, which offers more fuel efficiency, to Sport for an extra power boost, to available modes like All-Wheel Drive, Off-Road, or Tow/Haul. Whatever turn your day takes, the Blazer is there to lend a helping hand.

If you’re looking for a little extra style, the Midnight/Sport Edition owns the night, with all-black trim and detailing from the grille to the wheels. If you’re looking to lighten things up, check out the Redline Edition. With urban styling and sleek black and red accents, the Redline will turn heads when you turn corners.

Check out the 2022 Blazer’s four trim options to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. With an icon like the Chevy Blazer, it’s hard to go wrong. While the RS trim will unlock the V6 engine option, the Premier offers some more luxury with a choice of black or maple sugar leather seating and unique chrome accents.

Get into a new Blazer and experience why it’s become one of the most recognized, go-to crossover SUVs on the market today. With user-friendly tech, and the power to take you where you want to go, while keeping you and your family safe, the Blazer shows no signs of slowing down.

A silver 2019 Chevy Blazer Premier is shown parked in front of a hotel.

The Future of SUVs

Who knows what the future holds for all of the SUVs on the market, with more and more becoming available each year. However, one thing is certain: the versatile design shows no signs of slowing down. For decades SUVs have proven to be one of the most flexible and dependable vehicles on the road, taking upgrades and redesigns with ease, so each generation is set to meet the needs of modern-day drivers. Whether it’s more power or a smaller carbon footprint, today’s SUVs are primed and ready for the job.

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