Chevy SUVs

Today, the SUV has become one of the dominant vehicles on the road today. Chevy has long been one of the dominant companies in the automotive industry when it comes to making very reliable SUVs, with many of the most iconic SUV models coming from Chevrolet, such as the Blazer, Tahoe, and Suburban, to name a few. But how did Chevy make its name in SUVs in the first place, and why have Chevy SUVs become so dominant in the market today? Well, there are many reasons that explain why Chevy has risen to the top in the SUV market, from outstanding design choices, amazing options, and overwhelming versatility; a Chevy SUV really has a lot from these factors alone, and this article will aim to look at Chevy's performance on the SUV stage in depth.

A dark blue 2022 Chevy Equinox is shown driving on a mountain highway.

The Rise of the American SUV

The beginning of the American SUV is difficult to pin down. However, there is a strong argument that the Chevy Carryall Suburban was one of the first back in 1933. Built for the National Guard and Civilian Conservation Corps, this handy vehicle combined a station wagon body with a half-ton truck frame for ruggedness and versatility. This unique design proved so popular that it was soon offered for sale on the civilian market as well. Over the years, this vehicle became larger and more capable, while the name was shortened to simply, "Suburban."

These original SUVs were bare-bones work vehicles, similar to the trucks that they were related to. However, their utility eventually came to be appreciated by a wider range of drivers, and a wide range of more comfortable versions began to hit the market. This eventually led to the creation of the crossover SUV, with the Chevy Equinox becoming one of the most popular crossovers ever designed. Today, the SUV has supplanted the sedan as the American vehicle of choice, and Chevy offers no fewer than seven different SUV models to choose from.

Why We Love Chevy SUVs

When it comes to a Chevy SUV, several qualities are going to come to mind very quickly: high tier comfort, above-average performance, and a large plethora of available safety technology. Just as the SUV industry has been changing throughout history, Chevy has continuously evolved its SUV lineup and designs to meet the needs of American drivers. Below are some of the top design changes to the Chevy SUV from its beginning to the present.

A maroon 2022 Chevy Traverse is shown from the rear driving on a dirt road in a desert.

Performance and Versatility

Chevy SUVs have been rather strong in overall performance since they were introduced. But Chevy has continued to improve the performance of its SUV lineup by introducing major updates to powertrain design, technological advancements, and a wide variety of other design features that have heavily increased their performance over the years.

Even today, with the new 2021 Chevy Trailblazer and other new SUV models, technological inclusions from a vast array of different engine types and powertrains, enhanced fuel capabilities, and many different drive modes to assist in everyday driving in all conditions have been enhancing performance in Chevy's SUV lineup. These advancements show in most modern SUVs from Chevy, with the average SUV plenty of horsepower for the standard engine and even more on higher-level trims. In other words, a typical Chevy SUV is a vehicle that can perform in most road conditions, making Chevy's selection one that is incredibly reliable in every scenario.

Chevy SUVs tend to be very versatile, tackling many different types of terrain conditions. While versatility is generally expected from a utility vehicle of any kind, Chevy SUVs, in particular, have a lot going for them in terms of all-around terrain and weather management. For example, every Chevy SUV is available with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, which increases grip in low-traction situations such as off-road environments and bad weather.


Chevrolet is a company that was founded on the fact that they provide a comfortable driving experience in its vehicles. This remains true today, and modern Chevy SUVs can best be described as luxurious, with features such as increased cabin space, enhanced seating, and a wide variety of other innovations in comfort.

The overall design of Chevy SUVs has increased interior size over the years. That isn't always to say the vehicles themselves have increased in size, but rather that Chevy has taken very real effort in making the cabins of its SUVs much larger. Most Chevy SUVs have over 41 inches in legroom, with nearly half offering around 44 inches. That said, it's clear that Chevy SUVs have become roomier, making finding a comfortable position easier. This increase also goes hand in hand with an increase in cargo capacity, which keeps you comfortable even on long road trips.

Of course, almost all Chevy SUVs also offer a lot of customizability. Chevy has largely made a name for itself in this regard, making comfort not only an issue of choosing a car but a process of customizing the vehicle itself to match your own tastes and preferences. It isn't uncommon for Chevy SUVs to offer such features as heated and vented seats, advanced infotainment centers, rear-seat entertainment systems, and a large selection of other comfort features.


Given that SUVs are the best of two worlds of the automotive industry, with the strong chassis of a truck yet the speed and mobility of a lighter vehicle, safety is an issue that largely needs to be approached in a very different way. That said, each company uses a slightly different system of safety in their SUV selection, and Chevy SUVs have a unique approach to dealing with this incredibly important issue.

Although the traditional approach to safety had been to include large amounts of airbags and a stronger frame, a more modern approach has made innovations in safety a lot more complex. With increases in technology, the methods of dealing with safety issues have split into two categories: correcting driving to prevent accidents and implementing last-minute changes to decrease the destruction caused by an accident. Chevy's approach in its SUVs has combined the two categories, as well as continuing to follow more traditional methods.

Today, most Chevy SUVs offer a wide variety of safety technologies that introduce automated responses where human error can often cause life-threatening accidents. One of the biggest improvements has been the introduction of sensors to correct driving behaviors, like lane change warnings that ensure you are not straying from your lane to automatic high beams, which will turn the cars high beams on and off automatically based on your surroundings. That said, Chevy has also taken a lot of initiative in introducing more active technology, like automatic braking, which will physically help you avoid accidents. Human reaction time is rather slow, so these technological advancements have been a good step in the right direction for the SUV market, making many very excited to see how Chevy will enhance safety moving forward.

Two 2021 Chevy SUVs, a black Suburban and a grey Tahoe, parked in front of a pond

2021 Chevy SUVs

It's an exciting time at Chevrolet, with the newest crop of 2021 Chevy SUVs hitting the scene and capturing the interest of buyers across a wide range of categories and price ranges. From the affordable all-new Trailblazer to the completely redesigned full-size Suburban, there's a full spectrum of options that brings truth to the old saying that "there's something for everyone." Here at Crossroads, that saying is certainly the case.

Chevy knows that when it comes to choosing an SUV, buyers want choices. They want to select from a variety of sizes and find a vehicle that works for their lifestyle and budget. That's why the Chevy lineup of SUVs ranges from the $19,000 Trailblazer L all the way up to the $72,300 Suburban High Country. Sizes run the gamut, from nimble subcompact crossovers to massive full-size SUVs with three rows of seating, impressive towing capacity, and powerful V8 engines.

The good news for Chevy buyers is that no matter which model you choose, all Chevy vehicles are backed by an impressive factory warranty and a dedicated network of Chevy dealers. At Crossroads, we are committed to supporting Chevy owners with service and maintenance support throughout your entire ownership experience.

Are you trying to decide which SUV is right for you? Given the depth of Chevy's SUV lineup, it could be that more than one model will fit the bill. It's not often that a manufacturer has to compete with itself, but in Chevy's case, the options are so vast that it's almost unavoidable. The toughest part of buying a Chevy SUV may be settling on just one!

Small SUV Options

When it comes to small SUVs, style is what buyers want. It's a given that these subcompact and compact vehicles should deliver on fuel economy and efficiency, but the real standouts offer bold and original exterior curb appeal that evokes pride-of-ownership and allows buyers to show their personality through the vehicle they drive.

The all-new 2021 Trailblazer certainly fits the bill. Not to be confused with the midsize Blazer, the subcompact Trailblazer starts at just $19,000. With trendy two-tone exterior paint options and a very practical maximum cargo capacity of 54.4 cubic feet, the Trailblazer is positioned to provide both personality and practicality. Opt for the ACTIV trim, and you will even get some real off-road capability with skid plates and all-terrain tires. Buyers will love the Trailblazer's distinctive lines and quirky styling, but they'll also appreciate the thoughtful cabin design that accommodates five passengers comfortably.

The dependable subcompact 2021 Chevy Trax offers style and curb appeal along with an impressive performance capability, thanks to the available all-wheel drive powertrain and a 1.4-liter turbocharged EcoTec engine. Fuel economy isn't forgotten either: the Trax delivers 26 MPG city and 31 MPG highway, which means fewer trips to the gas station. With its small size, the Trax is an excellent choice for city dwellers looking for maneuverability and easy parking, and with a starting price tag of just $21,400, it's also affordable.

Medium-Size Choices

If you're looking for a little more space but don't need a third row of seats, check out the 2021 Equinox. The compact Equinox, Chevy's best-selling SUV, has seating for five and a larger max cargo capacity than its smaller siblings, at 63.9 cubic feet. For 2021 Chevy now includes its Safety Assist suite of driver-assist systems standard on all Equinox trims, which means this family SUV is equipped with added protection that keeps everyone safe while on the go.

The iconic Blazer returns for 2021 with dynamic styling and an aggressive, sporty stance that announces its incredible capability. The Blazer offers a substantial towing capacity of up to 4,500 pounds and a maximum cargo capacity of 64.2 cubic feet - and for 2021, that max towing capacity is now available even for front-wheel drive models. With three engine options, including a powerful V6 with over 300 horsepower, Chevy makes it easy to choose your Blazer flavor. Whichever Blazer you choose, you'll stand out from the crowd.

If your family has grown and you need a bit more seating, try the 2021 Traverse. This long-time favorite offers seating for up to eight passengers, making it the perfect sidekick for busy, growing families looking for a true people mover. Carpooling is painless with the Traverse's excellent fuel economy rating of 18 MPG city and 27 MPG highway, while the 98.2 cubic feet of cargo space make it the perfect weekend project car. Opt for the power-folding third-row and Smart Slide 2nd row seating, and your Traverse effortlessly morphs from people mover to cargo hauler.

A red 2021 Chevy Trailblazer is shown from the side driving through a city.

Full-Size SUVs

Who doesn't love the elegant full-size Tahoe? For 2021 the Tahoe is all-new and completely redesigned, with modern angular styling, LED headlights and taillights, and a slew of available upgrades that make it America's best-selling full-size SUV. Particularly noteworthy is the new independent rear suspension, which improves ride quality and makes for a much more comfortable third row. Chevy has taken steps to make this Tahoe a modern version of itself, with advanced tech and safety features designed to keep the driver and passengers safe, occupied, and entertained. At a starting price of $49,000, the Tahoe is an up-level option for households that want even more space.

The 2021 Suburban also enjoyed a complete bumper-to-bumper redesign for the new model year. Starting at $51,700, it's the flagship of Chevy's SUV lineup, and it earns that spot effortlessly with six different trims that culminate with the luxurious High Country. Starting at $72,300, the High Country embodies luxury and capability, delivering a standard 6.2-liter V8 engine mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission, along with a massive 10.2-inch infotainment touchscreen, 12-way power driver and front passenger seats, a standard 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and a Bose 10-speaker premium audio system.

With two amazing full-size SUV options that offer similar pricing and trim choices, how do you choose? The Suburban is your best choice when extra room is the goal. It's longer and heavier than its cousin, the Tahoe, which means more passenger volume and cargo capacity. If a little extra room isn't necessary, opt for the Tahoe. Either way, you're getting one of the industry's most celebrated SUVs.


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