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The clock is running out on your current GM lease, and that means it's time to make a decision on your next step. Will you buy your leased vehicle, sign a new lease, or buy a different model? What steps do you have to take to prepare your current leased vehicle for return? Here at Crossroads Chevrolet Buick GMC, we can help you navigate your GM lease turn in to ensure you get the most out of your lease and that you're quickly back on the road in a vehicle you love.

As a GM dealer, we can help with all your lease needs, whether you're driving a Chevy, Buick, or GMC. These brands are all part of the GM family and have similar lease terms and processes, which makes the return process simpler for our customers. But before you get ready to turn in the keys, there are a few things you need to do to prepare your lease vehicle, and that begins with a self-inspection of the vehicle to look for signs of wear and tear.

Since you're essentially "renting" a lease vehicle, it's important to know the signs of wear and use that Chevy, Buick, and GMC deem acceptable during the lease. Anything beyond these parameters, such as severe dents and dings or tears in the upholstery, can be penalized with added fees at the end of your lease. A comprehensive self-inspection is a great way to find areas that need repair prior to returning your vehicle, and this can help you avoid those wear and use fees. But what else should you be aware of when turning in your lease? Here's everything you need to know about your Chevy, Buick, or GMC lease turn-in.

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Chevy Lease Turn-In Details

Leasing is a great way to get behind the wheel of the newest model, which is especially exciting when you lease a Chevy. For example, let's say that you leased the best-selling Tahoe but know that your growing family is better suited for the larger Suburban. When the lease on your Tahoe ends, you can easily switch to a fully loaded Suburban that offers the latest technology and comforts. So, what's the end-of-lease process?

Your lease turn-in technically starts about 12 months from the end of the lease's maturity date. During this time, you'll want to start weighing your options - do you want to find a new vehicle to lease, buy your leased vehicle, or return the vehicle? Our team can explain the benefits of each option, ride along with you as you test drive new vehicles, and help you navigate the buying process.

When your lease is 120 days from maturity, it's time to start the inspection process. This begins at home from the comfort of your garage, where you can self-inspect the vehicle for any excessive wear or use, all of which is outlined in your lease agreement. You can also reach out to the dealership to schedule a complimentary pre-return inspection where our team will go over the vehicle and notify you of any areas that need repair. To minimize any additional fees, you'll want to have our service department make any repairs and then turn in those receipts when you return your lease.

Once your inspection and the necessary repairs are made, you're one step closer to turning in your lease. Now it's time to remove your personal items from the vehicle and clean the entire vehicle, inside and out. Make sure that everything that came with the vehicle, such as key fobs, the owner's manual, and floor mats, are present and intact. After your Chevy is clean and exactly how you received it, it's time to head over to the dealership, where our team will help you return your vehicle and then help you lease or buy a new Chevy.

Buick Lease Turn-In Details

A couple of years ago, you decided to experience everything the Buick lineup has to offer and signed a lease on the stunning and sophisticated Enclave. Fast forward to the present, and your lease is soon coming to an end, but you hate the thought of parting with the Buick SUV that seamlessly combines luxury with affordability and efficiency. Lucky for you, the end of your Buick lease doesn't mean you have to part ways with your beloved SUV.

About 12 months from the end of your lease, you'll want to start thinking about your next vehicle and whether or not you want to lease a new Buick, buy your current lease, or return it. If you're smitten by the Enclave and aren't yet ready to give up the keys, we're thrilled to help you purchase your SUV at any point during your lease. All you have to do is reach out to the dealership, and we'll guide you through the process.

If, on the other hand, you're anxious to get behind the wheel of the newest Enclave, we can help with that too! We encourage you to reach out to our team for a complimentary pre-return inspection where our certified technicians will go over the vehicle and make a note of any excessive wear and use. For example, your Buick lease deems normal exterior wear as fewer than four dings that measure less than two inches or one dent or scratch that's less than four inches or six inches, respectively, per panel. Anything more, including large tears or stains in the upholstery, is considered excessive wear and requires repairs before your lease turn-in.

In the event your vehicle needs repairs, our service department can oversee the work and ensure your Buick is in pristine condition for the end of your lease. Once the repairs are made, you'll want to clean the Buick both inside and out, removing any personal items and ensuring all the equipment that came with the vehicle is present. Once you feel the vehicle is back to its "like new" status, it's time to head on over to our dealership, where we're here to show you everything the new Buick lineup has to offer!

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GMC Lease Turn-In Details

Do you love your GMC Acadia, or are you looking for a bigger and more capable workhorse like the GMC Sierra? Whatever the case, our team is happy to help you better understand your GMC end-of-lease options, whether that means buying your leased Acadia, signing a new lease on the Sierra, or buying another GMC model entirely. You've got plenty of options and time as you near the end of your GMC lease.

It's important to start considering your end-of-lease options about a year before your lease matures or ends. During this time, you can start test driving the latest GMC models to get a better idea of what your future on the road looks like. Our team can help you weigh your options and explain the many benefits that come with GMC's lease program. For starters, you'll always have the option to drive the latest GMC with all the bells and whistles you can imagine.

If signing a new lease is the right decision for you, you'll want to fully prepare for your lease turn-in by conducting a self-inspection of your vehicle or by having our dealership conduct a complimentary pre-return inspection. This is a great time to have any repairs or routine maintenance done, all of which you'll want receipts for that you can include with the vehicle. Then, it's time to start cleaning the vehicle and removing all your personal items.

Once you return the vehicle, be sure to ask for a copy of your lease turn-in receipt. You'll want to confirm that everything from the mileage to any signs of wear listed on the receipt is correct. You may also receive an invoice for your outstanding balance. This can include any mileage overage charges as well as excessive wear, taxes, or other fees, all of which are outlined in your original lease contract.

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