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If you typed in "Mississippi used car lot" and landed here, your search for the perfect used car is over. Whether you're looking for a car for commuting, an off-roading model, a work truck, or a spacious crossover, we've got something here for you. We specialize in GMC, Chevy, and Buick models, but we carry just about any model you can think of. Want a pre-owned Jeep Wrangler? Or how about a Dodge Caravan? Crossroads GM has you covered.

Our most impressive used offers lie in our Certified Pre-Owned models. These include special 172-point inspections, 6-year powertrain warranties, and much more. If you're okay with spending a little extra cash for some added security, you'll definitely want to check out our CPO models. But now that we've got that out of the way, let's figure out what used model is right for you!

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Brands To Check Out

First, let's start with the best brands. We obviously believe in our Buick, GMC, and Chevy models. Our Buick lineup provides affordable yet luxurious SUVs, crossovers, and cars. GMC models offer a nice balance of luxury and convenience, and they serve as great vehicles for farmers due to their higher towing capacities. Chevy offers less luxury and more power, space, and fuel economy with its models.

However, while we stand behind our main three brands, we offer several other leading brands and models here at Crossroads GM. For example, Jeep offers great options for off-roaders, especially with its Wrangler and Gladiator. Our Kia and Nissan models are great if you're looking for an affordable commuter, and our Ford models perform very similarly to our Chevy models if you're interested in power and cargo space. When it comes to safety, though, GM brands come out ahead. It really just depends on what's most important to you.

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Vehicle Body Styles To Consider

This is one of the largest and most important decisions you'll need to make when vehicle shopping. Which body style is best for you? First, it's important to know that this isn't just an aesthetics issue. Your vehicle's body style also determines its capability. So, basically, you don't want a compact SUV or a sedan if you need to haul a large camper or a livestock trailer. Similarly, there's no point in getting a truck when you don't need to haul anything, and your main goal is to get back and forth to work.

So, let's compare these body styles a bit further. One main issue that confuses buyers is the crossover vs SUV issue. Aren't they both the same, you might ask? In a sense, yes, but actually, there are some important differences here. A crossover is typically built on a car chassis, whereas an SUV is built on a truck frame. This may sound like a minor difference, but it actually changes everything.

A crossover can be capable of towing, but it's likely to be less powerful. However, crossovers are also more fuel-efficient than SUVs and usually much smaller. Crossovers are still a better option than a sedan if you're concerned with cargo and passenger space, but they're more affordable because they don't come with all the extras you'd typically get on an SUV. Meanwhile, SUVs are like trucks with extra seats. Many SUVs can tow as much as a midsize truck, and they often come with off-roading capabilities or optional off-roading trims or add-ons.

Speaking of which, the main differences between an SUV and a truck lie in the fact that trucks do come with stronger options overall. For example, you can purchase a heavy-duty truck that can tow much more than an SUV can. Plus, trucks have truck beds instead of foldable seats, which means you still get tons of cargo, but it's external rather than internal. That said, you can always add on a tonneau cover for an enclosed truck cargo experience.

The sedan is your typical car body style. This one is made mostly for aesthetic appeal and fuel economy. While sedans are nice for commuting, they're not designed for those who have large families or who need power and space. When you're looking for something to get you where you need to be safely and affordably, and towing isn't an issue, then a sedan is perfect. And often, used sedans are more affordable than the other three vehicle body style types.

A phone is connected to the infotainment screen in a Chevy vehicle with Apple CarPlay.

Features You Should Look For

Safety first! When you're purchasing a used model, no matter what body style you choose, your safety features are important. The trick to this is that most models offer safety features, but which ones you get ultimately depends on the trim and packages. When you pick the make and model you want, you also get to choose from multiple trims. Many brands only include safety features on their more expensive trims. However, this is changing, and many newer used models come standard with a lot of safety features.

The specific safety features you especially want to look for include Forward Collision Alert, Blind Spot Monitoring, and Lane Keeping Assist. Many Forward Collision Alert systems come with Front Pedestrian Braking, so not only will your vehicle notify you when a collision is possible, but it will also automatically stop the vehicle if a pedestrian crosses in front of you. Blind Spot Monitoring is mostly self-explanatory. It monitor's your vehicle's blind spots and notifies you when a vehicle is in them. Finally, Lane Keeping Assist automatically centers you in your lane and keeps you from drifting off unless you activate your turn signal. These are the most basic and helpful safety features you'll want to look for.

While not safety-related, it's also nice to find a used vehicle that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These are smartphone integration features that make it easy to play the music you want, all while charging your phone. You can even cast your maps app to the entertainment screen for easier navigation if your model doesn't come with built-in navigation. There are several different features to consider when you're buying a used vehicle, but standard safety features and music streaming options are a few you really don't want to go without.

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