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At Crossroad Chevrolet Buick GMC, we’re the area’s leading used GM dealership, and when you’re searching for your next dependable commuter, road trip companion, luxury traveler, and more, there’s no better place to turn to than our dealership. We carry the full GM lineup, and when you want the best used selection offered, you’ll find it with us. There are so many advantages to buying used, especially when you want more features for a better price, which is why more and more shoppers are trusting us to help lead them to the right vehicle. From timeless Chevy offerings to refined Buick models, strong GMC options to classic Cadillacs, what you’ll find in our used GM inventory will surely delight you. If it’s time to find the used vehicle that meets all of your driving and lifestyle needs at a price that excites you, learn more about the used options that reside under the GM umbrella and how they’re ready to inspire you.

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The Chevy Reputation

Chevrolet was founded in 1911, right in the midst of the automotive boom, by William C. Durant, founder of General Motors, and race car driver Louis Chevrolet. With a decade-long jump on Chevrolet in the industry, GM already had the tools and knowledge about what drivers were looking for in their vehicles. When GM acquired Chevrolet in 1918, it just fueled Chevy’s momentum, allowing the brand to make history with some of its iconic vehicles. Chevrolet is known for offering models that exhibit some of the latest tech and performance features, all for more reasonable prices, helping to place dependable vehicles into the driveways of more average drivers.

From strong pickup trucks to ultra-fast street racers, Chevrolet’s reputation in the industry has remained one of the best for over a century. Debuting vehicles to change the way we travel, Chevrolet never stopped evolving from its inception. Chevrolet was one of the pioneers in the electric vehicle industry, with its beloved Volt offering drivers even more options for their vehicle needs. Chevy has also become a trusted name on job sites with its hard-working pickup trucks, and it has been known to be a force in the performance car arena with sports cars capable of achieving the unimaginable on the track.

No matter what you’re looking to drive, rest assured that there’s a used Chevy model out there to perfectly meet your needs at a price that you can afford. That, coupled with its level of expertise and long history in the industry, makes this brand one of the most trusted around. When you want a vehicle that offers power, capabilities, options, and dependability, nothing beats a Chevy.

The Beauty of a Buick

There’s no denying the upscale ambiance and heightened style you’re able to enjoy in a Buick, and with a number of elegant options available, choosing the perfect used model for you is easy. Buick has held itself to higher standards since its inception in 1903, getting its start in the industry by designing touring cars ideal for the sophisticated traveler. From sleek convertibles to vehicles to aid in wartime efforts, Buick’s history in the industry is one of versatility, strength, and class.

You’ll find a number of refined models in the modern Buick lineup, and as the years have progressed, these fine vehicles have only gotten better. Cozy interiors, premium features, the most innovative tech, and a confidence that radiates throughout are just some of the aspects you can expect to enjoy in a Buick. When many drivers think of Buick, the first thing that comes to mind is timeless class, with Buicks being some of the most luxurious travelers on the road. With many used options available today, ranging from high-end sedans to lavish SUVs and more, it’s easy to find the right used Buick to meet all of your driving expectations.

You can expect more out of a used Buick, especially when you’re searching for affordable luxury, which is what really defines the Buick brand. Traveling in a Buick means that you’re in for a better ride, and with such a celebrated history and so many options available, finding the ultimate used Buick for you makes for an exciting experience.

The GMC Legend

As the powerhouse of the automotive industry, GMC emanates confidence, expertise, and a presence that can’t be ignored. Founded by William C. Durant, General Motors was among the first automakers in the industry, and as the years passed, it would come to be among the biggest and most respected. Breaking records all over the world, the arsenal of GMC vehicles has ranged from ultra-tough trucks to rugged SUVs and virtually everything in between.

“Dream trucks” emerged after the war, allowing drivers to venture anywhere they needed to go in comfort and confidence, while sport utility vehicles made their way to center stage, offering a sense of adventure to drivers everywhere. Always staying one step ahead of the competition, GMC continued to provide drivers with vehicles that showcased enhanced engineering, the latest styles, and modern tech to make the most out of any journey. Even today, the GMC name means something to drivers, exuding a greatness in the industry that can’t be beat.

If you’re searching for a vehicle that is backed by one of the best reputations around, the GMC lineup won’t disappoint you. When you travel, you’ll notice just how many GMC models are on the road, ranging from durable trucks to versatile SUVs, perfect for accommodating everything your drive entails. It’s evident that GMC will continue to occupy one of the top spots in the industry, recognized for a selection of vehicles that are strong, capable, and ready for your journey, no matter where the road takes you.

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The Classic Cadillac

When you want a vehicle that radiates class, a Cadillac is simply unbeatable. The timeless appeal and luxurious ambiance found in every one of its models just shows that Cadillac has, and continues to be, one of the most elegant brands around. Named after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the founder of Detroit, the Cadillac Motor Car Division got its start in 1902. It stemmed from one of Henry Ford’s attempts at creating the ultimate automotive company but was abandoned by the auto mogul and brought back to life with the help of shareholders and celebrated machinist Henry Leland.

Cadillac quickly became the leader when it came to luxury vehicles, sitting at the top of the list for auto sales from 1904 until 1915. The brand was bought by GM in 1909, making Cadillac one of the pillars of General Motors. Not only has Cadillac been a pioneer in the industry when it comes to luxury, technology, and design, the brand continues to impress. Like Buick, with so many models available, offering a touch of class, elegant features, and dependability that can’t be rivaled, drivers are able to find their ideal travel companions in the Cadillac inventory.

Whether you’re searching for a used car or SUV, there’s a Cadillac model out there that will ignite excitement in your travels. Shopping is easy when you’re able to choose from so many options, designed with high expectations in mind. There’s something to be said for a brand that rose from the ashes to become one of the most impactful automakers in the industry, and it’s that perseverance, determination, and innovation that are key components of success.

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