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Those living in and around Germantown deserve high-quality vehicles at competitive prices. You’ll find the best Chevy vehicles in the greater area of Germantown, TN, at Crossroads Chevrolet GMC. We’re here to help you get behind the wheel of a Chevy; whether you want an SUV, sedan, or pickup truck, we’re here to supply you with fan favorites at unbeatable prices. Chevy produces vehicles for a range of people, so it doesn’t take long to find one that fits your lifestyle, wants, and needs, and you’ll find one that doesn’t stretch the bank beyond what you’re willing to spend.

While living in Germantown, you’re used to some of the best weather in the country, but that doesn’t mean rain doesn't occur. That's why you need a reliable vehicle that can handle any situation, and the lineup of Chevy vehicles is full of versatile options. From commuter-friendly sedans to heavy-duty trucks, there is something in the Chevy repertoire for everyone. Here at Crossroads Chevrolet GMC, we’re the Germantown Chevy dealer you can rely on to get behind the wheel of a Chevy vehicle you’ll never want to stop driving.

A black 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500HD High Country Midnight Edition is shown parked on a driveway.

Our Selection Ranges From Brand New to High-Quality Used

At Crossroads Chevrolet GMC, you’ll be pleased to see our selection extends across Chevy’s unbeatable lineup, including some of the most noteworthy vehicles, like the Silverado, Tahoe, Colorado, Equinox, and more. Our selection includes the latest models released, so you can always expect a fresh lineup of cars every year. There’s nothing like a new Chevy vehicle. Chevy’s SUVs, trucks, sedans, and EVs continue to improve with each iteration, and Crossroads Chevrolet GMC is here to provide you with the latest vehicles as they release.

Our selection of new Chevy vehicles isn’t the only thing constantly updated. At Crossroads Chevrolet GMC, our lot of pre-owned vehicles is the best in the greater area of Germantown. Drivers in Germantown need vehicles they can rely on, supplied by a dealership they can trust with their purchase. Many people live in Germantown, meaning you’re not going to see everyone driving the exact vehicle. Commuters are looking to get to work in Memphis, family drivers for a fun day with the kids at the Children’s Museum of Memphis, truck drivers are bringing their off-roading machine to Lunes Off Road in Arlington, and more. No matter what type of Chevy you’re looking for, and regardless if it’s part of our new or used lot, you’ll find the right vehicle here at Crossroads Chevrolet GMC.

A close up shows a headlight logo on a silver 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV after leaving a Germantown Chevy dealer .

Chevy Sedans

While Chevy once had an expansive list of commuter-friendly sedan models like the Impala, Sonic, and Cruze, it has narrowed down the selection in recent years to just one: the Malibu. The Malibu is a familiar sight in Chevy’s lineup. Originally released in the early 1960s, the Malibu has been a household name in American driveways. The Malibu remained in active production until the 1980s, but the moniker was put on hold for almost fifteen years as the Malibu made a resurgence in 1997. Drivers can expect a sedan that provides ample performance and excellent fuel efficiency packaged in a durable frame synonymous with Chevy’s other offerings. If you drive from Germantown to Nashville every day, or perhaps over to Corinth, Mississippi, where you’ll find Crossroads Chevrolet GMC, then having great fuel efficiency can go a long way.

Chevy also has two great sports cars in its lineup: the Camaro and the Corvette. If you are looking to add a little extra excitement and speed to your day, these are the cars to consider. If you are looking for something on the electric end of the spectrum, there is the Chevy Bolt EV hatchback, which is making EV ownership more affordable.

Chevy SUVs

There’s no denying that Chevy’s SUVs are amongst the most recommendable vehicles on the market. Chevy produces a wide range of SUVs of varying sizes, power, efficiency, and budget. For example, the Chevy Bolt EUV has ushered Chevy into the discussion of serious contenders in the EV space with features like Super Cruise.

The most cost-effective SUV within Chevy’s lineup is the Trax, which is popular not only for its budget-friendly starting price but because it packs a decent punch and is impressively fuel-efficient. You’ll be saving money with the Trax, whether it’s the day you buy the SUV or when you’re visiting the gas station to top off the tank.

Chevy’s SUV lineup includes other fan favorites, like the similarly cost-friendly Trailblazer and the Equinox, which is one of Chevy’s most recognizable vehicles. The Equinox is better than the Trailblazer and Trax in many ways, such as cargo space and performance. If the Equinox is within your budget, you should consider it. However, the Chevy Blazer is also an intriguing offer, especially with its increased power over the Equinox, especially with towing.

Drivers who need three rows of seats have a few options: the Chevy Traverse, Tahoe, and Suburban. The Traverse starts at a far lower cost than the Tahoe and Suburban, but it’s also not as large or as powerful, albeit it’s a fantastic SUV. The Tahoe and Suburban are the largest SUVs Chevy creates and amongst the largest on the market. The Tahoe and Suburban are the perfect family vehicles because they’re strong, safe, reliable, and versatile. The Suburban is the largest of the two with the highest price tag.

A black 2022 Chevy Malibu is shown from the side on a city street.

Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks are amongst the most recognizable vehicles in the industry. You don’t have to be an automotive enthusiast to notice a beastly truck on the road with Chevy’s unmissable badging. Those who know about Chevy trucks recognize two names: the Colorado and the Silverado. The Colorado is the best truck to start with if you’ve never owned a pickup truck because it’s strong and reliable while starting at a significantly lower cost than the Silverado.

However, the Silverado, and by extension, the Silverado HD, is one of the most familiar names in the industry. The Silverado’s popularity isn’t unwarranted; the Chevy Silverado line of pickup trucks is one of the best-selling in America. Regardless if you’re looking into saving money with a pre-owned model or if you’re willing to dive into purchasing a brand new truck from our lot, the Silverado and its heavy-duty variants should be the first trucks you consider when you begin shopping. If you want to tow, you got it. If your job requires you to get the cargo in and around Germantown, Nashville, or across state lines to Mississippi, the Silverado will be the best tool for the job.


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