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There are many advantages to buying a used vehicle, with the most obvious being that they cost less than brand-new models. Since the most significant vehicle depreciation occurs within the first year, pre-owned vehicles depreciate less than new models, meaning you’ll be making a better investment by choosing to buy used. What’s better than a great investment: getting more value for your money with a used top-level trim or premium model that you might not have been able to fit into your budget if you were to buy brand-new. As your Selmer used Chevy dealer, we are here to inform you that there is even more value to be attained when you purchase a used Chevy model.

Chevy has a reputation for reliable, affordable, quality vehicles designed with drivers in mind, with an array of models to choose from: fuel-efficient commuter cars, powerful and capable trucks, sports cars, and even passenger-focused family-sized SUVs. When you’re in the market for a used vehicle, there’s even more to choose from since you can buy used Chevy models and trim levels that are no longer in production. All of this can be intimidating, so come to Crossroads Chevrolet GMC, and we can help you venture through the sea of pre-owned options available to you.

A tan 2013 Chevy Equinox LTZ driving to a Selmer used Chevy dealer.

Find the Best Used Chevys Right Outside of Selmer

Are you a car person looking to stick with a sedan? Do you prefer a passenger vehicle with a flexible interior like an SUV? What about an all-electric model or a fully capable pickup?

Here at Crossroads Chevrolet GMC, we carry a full line of used Chevys to choose from. No matter what kind of vehicle you are looking for, we’ll help you find a used Chevy to fit the bill. Take a quick ride to our dealership to find the best used Chevys.

How about one of Chevy’s popular SUVs, the Equinox or the Traverse? The subcompact Equinox comes at a reasonable price, making its used price even more affordable and worth every penny. It is a practical option for city and highway traveling with plenty to offer. It offers seating for up to five and the ability to carry up to 63.9 cu.ft. of cargo inside the cabin with the rear seats folded down. Plus, it has a towing capacity of up to 1,500 lbs and an estimated combined 28 MPG for models with the 1.5L engine in the current generation.

If you need something a little bigger, the three-row Traverse is a great choice. Although it’s smaller than Chevy’s largest and most powerful SUV, the Suburban, you can still seat up to seven passengers and carry up to 98.2 cu.ft. worth of gear behind the front seats. Plus, with a larger size comes a more powerful engine with greater capabilities like towing up to 5,000 lbs without sacrificing too much fuel economy.

Now for a pickup, you can’t go wrong buying one of America’s favorite trucks. Not only can you trust that the full-size Silverado 1500 will last you for many years to come, even when purchased used, but you can count on it to handle any tasks you present to it. Need room to bring the family along on an outing? The Silverado’s crew cab seats up to six people. What about work? Once again, the Silverado has you covered, capable of towing up to 13,300 lbs with both its diesel engine and 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 gas-powered engine. The diesel Silverado can even get you fuel economy close to what you’ll get with the Equinox to save you on fuel costs for work and personal commuting.

But if a full-size truck is too much for what you need, the midsize Colorado is just as versatile, only in a slightly smaller package and at a lower price. And if you find yourself leaning towards a model recently discontinued, like the compact Chevy Cruze hatchback or sedan body style, which is no longer available in North America beyond the 2019 model year, there’s a chance you’ll find one or two in our inventory as well. We might even be able to find you a discontinued Impala or an all-electric Volt in our pre-owned Chevy inventory if you’d prefer them over other similar Chevy models like the midsize Malibu sedan or the all-electric Bolt EV.

Side view of an orange 2018 Chevy Cruze parked next to a concrete wall.

Need Financing Help?

Everyone has a unique financial situation, but the thought of adding a new expense like a vehicle is stressful for anyone, no matter what their budget may be. Choosing to buy a used model can save you hundreds of dollars monthly and even thousands in the end. Finding the right financing for your next vehicle can add to those savings, lightening the monthly expense even more. Our finance experts here at Crossroads Chevrolet GMC are prepared to do exactly that.

Partly from our southern charm, but primarily because of our values, we put our customer’s needs first at all times, even when it comes to financing. With our competitive finance plans and rates, we'll work with you to find a model that meets your budget and help you get a financing plan that works with your monthly budget. But don’t just take our word for it. Fill out an online application or sit down with our finance department today and see what we have to offer.

A red 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 driving on a foggy tree-lined road.

We’re Proud to Serve Our Drivers

Without customers, businesses would cease to exist, and we are no different. Crossroads Chevrolet GMC would not be here if it were not for the trust and loyalty that drivers have in us. Not only because of the variety of quality new and used vehicles we carry, or our top-notch service and parts department, which ensure our drivers stay on the road and moving forward for many years but because we value our customers.

Our customers are a part of the community we enjoy being a part of and giving back to, and we make sure we treat them as such from our first connection while they’re looking for a new vehicle, through years of routine maintenance, and even into their next purchase and their next journey in a new car, truck, or SUV. We always show our drivers respect, kindness, and compassion with every interaction with us. As a result, we gain customer loyalty, with them returning to Crossroads Chevrolet GMC for all of their automotive needs, and we make sure our drivers feel appreciated for their loyalty.

When we’re not giving back to our customers and our community through one of the many events we host, we’re taking care of our neighbors by making sure we carry a wide selection of vehicles and offer the automotive services they might need with friendly and professional care and competitive prices. We even offer a Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty on every vehicle we sell. Yes, you read that right; even our used vehicles come with a warranty. It is one of the many ways Crossroads Chevrolet GMC chooses to show you that we appreciate your business and our relationship.


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